Oakley Airbrake TLD Splinter Prizm Bronce Iridium Lens

Oakley Airbrake TLD Splinter Prizm Bronce Iridium Lens

Oakley Airbrake TLD Splinter Prizm Bronce Iridium Lens

Oakley Airbrake TLD Splinter Prizm Bronce Iridium Lens

Oakley Airbrake TLD Splinter Prizm Bronce Iridium Lens

Neu mit neuester Prizm Scheibe für optimalste Kontraste im Offroadsport! Oakley erfindet das Sehen nicht neu aber tut viel für Sicherheit und wahnsinnig gute Sicht bei allen Witterungen!!!

Oakley  Airbrake MX Goggle mit dem bewährten Oakley Switch Lock System. Nie war der Wechsel zwischen Gutwetter und Schlechtwetterscheibe einfacher. Der Hebel des Schließmechanismus an der Seite des Rahmens wird nach oben geöffnet und die Scheibe herausgenommen. Die zweite Scheibe wird eingesetzt, der Hebel wird geschlossen und schon kann es weitergehen.


- leichtes und strapazierfähiges O Matter Rahmenmaterial
- robuste O Matter Bandhalterungen gewährleisten ausgeglichene Druckverteilung
- stützende Innenstruktur verringert Druck auf die Nase und gewährleistet optimalen Luftstrom um gut atmen zu können
- Dreilagiger Polarfleeceschaum für optimale schnelltrocknende Wirkung und höchsten Tragekomfort


- PLUTONITE® mit einer Geometrie, die die Wölbung des Auges nachahmt und damit das Gesichtsfeld erweitern und damit perfekte Sicht ohne Verzerrungen gewährleisten
- 24K Gold Iridium (verspiegelt) 25 % Lichtdurchlässigkeit
- großes Sichtfeld
- das Glas filtert 100 % aller UVA / UVB / UVC Strahlen und schädliches Blaulicht bis zu 400 nm
- F3 Antischlagbeschichtung der Gläser verhindert das Beschlagen des Glases

Accessories inklusive:

  • Laminated Tear Off 7 Stück
  • Brillentasche
  • Aufbewahrungsbeutel

Oakley Airbrake MX - The Game Has Changed - More Motocross Videos

Material: Schutzartikel für den Sport

Not since the early days of the sport has a single goggle design brought so much innovation. Long ago, our founder developed and entirely new goggle that became a mainstay in the sport for 17 years. You are now looking at the future of MX goggles.

Oakley Airbrake MX is the new standard of protection, clarity, comfort and convenience.

This is the first-ever MX goggle with a lens made of injection-molded Plutonite. That’s the most optically pure lens material ever utilized for MX goggles, and it’s insanely tough. Oakley Plutonite is the same ultra-tough material that shields the eyes of soldiers who can’t compromise on protection, and compared to the flimsy, flexible lenses found in other goggles, Airbrake MX makes you invincible.

Switchlock Technology:
Riders have to be ready to face whatever conditions Mother Nature throws down. That’s why Airbrake MX is armed with Oakley’s Switchlock Technology. It makes the process of lens changing fast and hassle-free — no more fumbling around to swap out a lens. When a lens is locked securely into the rigid O Matter frame, there is no bending or warping like inferior designs that distort vision. And Switchlock Technology lets you take advantage of our full armory of premium lens tints. From daytime practice laps to the nighttime main event, you can match your lens tint and adapt your vision perfectly to any environment.

Now let’s talk clarity. Ordinary MX lenses are stamped from flat sheets of generic material then bent to fit into the goggle frame, and the result of that warping is visual distortion. Safety and performance demand true, accurate vision, so we injection-mold the lenses under extreme pressure to achieve a precise optical geometry. That means you see more detail, and you can believe what your eyes are telling you. It’s the ultimate in clarity and optical fidelity.

Field of Vision:
When a rider is on the track, he needs to be aware of who might be challenging his position. That’s why this sleek design extends peripheral vision to the absolute max. Airbrake MX also offers an optimized fit that takes into account the vertical frame orientation when the rider is in racing position — with bent elbows and crouched over the bars — positioning the lens up and in front of the eyes

This goggle is the culmination of every breakthrough we’ve made, including three decades of refinement in comfort and fit. It features an exoskeleton frame, with a durable yet lightweight O Matter exterior mated to a flexible urethane faceplate. The rigid outer frame holds the lens securely, and a pliable inner faceplate with plush, absorbent foam conforms to your face like it was made just for you.

We engineered this goggle for instant adaptability, and that goes beyond Switchlock inter-changeable lens technology. Airbrake MX is the Swiss Army knife of goggles. You can easily swap out replacement faceplates, outrigger configurations, and straps. It’s fully adaptable, configurable, serviceable. This is truly the one goggle that can do it all.


  • Injection-molded Plutonite® lens material provides 100% protection against ambient* UVA, UVB, UVC, and harmful blue light up to 400nm
  • Größeres Glasvolumen für optimale periphere Sicht
  • Fog elimination of lens with Flow-Coat Anti-Fog coating
  • Integrated tear-off posts for mounting of optional laminated or standard tear-offs
  • IRIDIUM®-Beschichtung (optional) für Blendreduzierung und ausgeglichene Lichtdurchlässgikeit
  • Meets impact requirements based on ANSI Z87.1 and EN 1938:2010 standards
  • tested from 190 to 380 nanometers


  • Exoskeleton chassis construction combines rigid O Matter® exterior with a pliable thermoplastic urethane faceplate that conforms to your face comfortably
  • Dual Switchlock mechanisms lock the lens securely in place
  • Robuste Bandhalterungen aus O Matter® der Goggles gewährleisten ausgeglichene Druckverteilung
  • Twin surge ports at top of chassis to channel airflow into the helmet
  • Low-profile frame design provides increased visibility and improved helmet compatibility
  • All-day comfort of O-Hydrolix triple-layer foam with moisture wicking polar fleece lining
  • Matte black textured inner frame surface for glare reduction
  • Microcellular urethane lens gasket to seal out dust or moisture
  • Dual-adjustable strap with silicone lining for versatile, secure fit
  • Fully integrated Race-Ready roll-off system with increased film height for expanded field of view in muddy conditions (optional)


  • 7-pack of Oakley Laminated tear-offs included
  • 2-pack of Oakley Lens Protector Shields included

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