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BPA Ketteneinsteller Universell für alle Ketten

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Easy Simpel und ein cooles Tool. Kettendurchhang und Spannung ordentlich UND päzise einstellen.

Für jede Werkstatt oder Werkzeugkiste. Gegen Kettenrisse und Überspannung der Kette.Einmal an Ihrem Motorrad eingestellt ist das Tool kalibriert! Egal ob Offroad, Motocross, Strassenmotorrad bei jeder Ketten Teilung einsetzbar. Also 420,428,520,525,530. Pro Motorrad kann ein Gerät kalibriert werden.

Gratis Tragebeutel und Werkzeug zum kalibrieren inclusive. Entwickelt im Hardenduro Land Rumänien und Deutschland.Danach weiter verfeinert und verbessert.

So auch hervorragend bei jeglicher Endurotour mitführbar. Man sieht dem Teil in jeder Kleinigkeit der Fertigung die Wertigkeit des Werkzeugs an.

The Best or nothing!

Sometimes you need to go for “the best or nothing”. That’s how it works. Especially when your precious motorcycle is at stake.

If you are wondering why this tool deserves a place in your bike box, here are 5 proven reasons:


Yes, there are other ways to roughly adjust your chain. But none of those ways are guaranteed to be precise. Trying to get a 100% right chain adjustment with the 3-finger method or metal, wooden and plastic blocks is just a waste of time.

While you can roughly adjust the chain using a block, how do you know how much force to put in order to tighten the chain just right?

We all know that you can use your fingers or any other old method to adjust the chain but none of them are as fast, clean and precise as this slack-adjuster tool that has been expertly designed to serve this exact goal.

Our patented product was brought to life after years of research. The best engineers and motorcycle mechanics designed it this way to deliver the most accurate results every single time – and none of those old-fashioned measuring ways can be compared to the precision the BPA tool provides.


Once the tool is calibrated (only needs to be done once), then you can use it as often as you need to check or readjust the chain’s slack in seconds. The easy to read indicators will let you know if the chain is too loose or too tight, and exactly how much it needs to be adjusted.


Instead of getting your hands dirty and struggling with the oily, lubricated chain to get a precise chain slack, this tool ensures a clean, mess-free use. Plus, you can adjust your chain as often as you need, on your own. No need to ask for your friend’s help or to do any heavy-lifting with your motorbike.


Made of the top quality stainless steel, this tool is so durable you can use it for years. As it can be calibrated to provide precise chain adjustment for any motorcycle, you can reuse it for any chain-driven vehicle.


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