S3 Bremsscheibenschutz passend für Gas Gas/KTM/Husqvarna/Husaberg/Sherco Exaggerate

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Exaggerate Disc Saver Hard Enduro

Der professionellste Bremsscheibenschutz mit angebautem Sattelträger. Nahezu unzerstörbar 3 D Design. Gefräst.

EXAGGERATE. Hard Enduro rear disc protector. Passend für

  • KTM-Brembo ab 2004
  • Husaberg Brembo ab 2010
  • SHERCO-Brembo ab 2013
  • Husqvarna -Magura ab 2018
  • Husqvarna -Brembo ab 2014-2017
  • GAS GAS EC 21-22 Braktec ab 2021

100% adaptable to the rear calipers of:

Made with excellent quality aluminum

Protect the disc of your motorcycle against side impacts and low parts of the brake disc.

Avoid dropouts in races and excursions. Protection with design and S3 Quality!!