ET-Racing Led Scheinwerfer Dual 6 passend für Gas Gas EC/F 2021- Einspritzung Day Maker Schwarz

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Enduro Tech Scheinwerfereinsatz Dual 6 zum Einschrauben in vorhandene Plastik des Scheinwerfers.

Plug and Play Montage, passend bei allen Einspritzermodellen ab 2021 2 und 4 Takt.

Macht die Nacht zum Tage.

6600 Lumen in High Beam und 3300 Lumen in Short Beam.

CNC gefräste LED Aufnahme. Einfach ein absolutes Kunstwerk!

LED Headlight Dual.6 FUEL INJECTION only

  • Brightest Plug&Play Enduro lamp on the market- 3300/6600 lumens
  • Plug and Play
  • High and low beam
  • Waterproof (IP67)
  • Very durable casing made of aluminum PA6 i 2017A
  • Made in Poland
  • Out of best quality materials
  • All CNC
  • Makes riding Enduro at night comfortable and faster during the day

Our lamps have two lighting modules. Even if one stopped working, the other would still light the way. It was done for the sake of safety, because it is the most important thing.

'I created the first lamp for myself, so that I would never stay in a dark forest without any light anymore! Because ALWAYS LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE OF LIFE!
~Piotr Krzanowski - company owner and lamp creator

One lamp for a long time

  • 3 year warranty
  • We offer:
    -replacement glass (you scratch glass - no problem - you can change it yourself)
    -full refablish (to repair lamp after physical damage)
    -conversion (if you change your bike for KTM, HUSQVARNA, GAS GAS you can convert your lamp to fit new machine)
    In every case you can do it yourself or ship the lamp to us

There have never ever been the situation that our lamp was totally damaged.
The maximum cost you would have to pay in case of rebuild is the cost of conversion we offer.

How it works:

Lamp has two modes of operation:

  • Short beam- In this mode 3 diodes (one with wide and one with narrow optics) light up giving 3300 lumens.
  • Short + Long beam mode- In this mode, all 6 diodes light up giving 6600 lumens.

Power supply: DC

This headlight is only for fuel injection motorcycles.

This Dual.6 version is not suitable for motorcycles with carburetors (2-stroke and 4-stroke) because these bikes are powered by AC current in lighting circuit - voltage spikes and overvoltage protection may damage them.


Compatible with:

OEM PART NUMBER: 81214001100

  • GAS GAS EC/ECF 2021-2023
  • Every
    fitted with fairing from listed

Some US/Canadian models equipped with on/off pull/push knob and motorcycles in racing mode (after wires modification) have only high beam or lamp it off and require additional switch from our shop at extra cost.
Our switch allows you to use our Dual lamp on Low Beam, High Beam or turn the lamp off.

If you are the owner of cross motorcycle and you would like to buy our lamp - please write to us.

Nur verwendbar im Offroad Sporteinsatz, nicht zugelassen für den öffentlichen Straßenverkehr.