Renthal Twinwall Lenker 997 RC/OEM Schwarz

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Dasynoym für Renthallenker schlechthin.Der Twinwall Lenker!Aussenseite aus 7010 T73 Aluminium und innen aus 7010 T6 Aluminium gefertigt.Mit einem Durchmesser von 28,6 mm in der Mitte und 22,22 mm an den Lenkerenden kombiniert der Lenker extreme Festigkeit bei gleichzeitiger Elastizität. Einer der wenigen Lenker die nahezu unzerstörbar sind.

Der Lenker hat folgende Abmessungen:

Breite:802 mm,Höhe:99 mm,Kröpfung:54 mm

Wird komplett mit Lenkerpolster (schwarz/glänzend) geliefert. Nur für den Wettbewerbseinsatz – ohne TÜV/ABE

The following features are integral to the Renthal Twinwall® handlebars.

* Twinwall construction - Consists of two aluminium alloy tubes one within the other

* Outer tube is 7010 T73, which has extreme resistance to mechanical damage and is anodised to prevent corrosion

* Inner tube is ultra high strength 7010 T6 Aluminium and is hard anodised to resist wear from twist grip and controls

* Rubber seals cover the join to keep out water and cleaning fluids

* Laser etched positioning grid

* Renthal’s pioneered bonded lightweight single bolt clamping system for the crossbrace, greatly increases strength whilst still allowing flex

* Knurling – Grip end only – increases bonding between bar and grip

* No knurling in clamp area, this could cause a stress riser and lead to fatigue failure

* A specially developed injection moulded crossbar pad is fitted with every handlebar

* Renthal Twinwalls are used by more factory teams than any other handlebar, including:

Factory Honda, Factory Kawasaki, Geico Honda, Pro-Circuit Kawasaki, Team Honda Martin Racing, Team Kawasaki Europe, Team Suzuki Europe, Factory KTM Europe, HRC Honda Japan, KHI Kawasaki Japan and Suzuki Japan

* Covered by: US Patent No. 6182528 & 5832785, GB Patent No. 2321225, US Design No. 431803