S3 Bremshebel passend für Gas Gas/Husqvarna ab 2021 Braktec CNC Silber Hardenduro

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Ersatz-Standard-Bremshebel im OEM-Style super leicht aus extra stabilem Aluminium. Silber beschichtet. Mit Metall Einstellrad.

Für Baketec Bremse passend. Alle Gas Gas EC/ECF ab 2021 und Husqvarna TE/FE ab 2022

Bei Magura nicht passend.


  • Look Factory Series
  • Mechanized 100% for a lower weight and a finished Perfect.
  • Aluminium extra resistant.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Accurate and safe.
  • Logo S3 made with laser.
  • Break mark - in case of fall avoid breaking the whole lever, so you can always continue on your hard exits.

*Includes precision regulator S3, to regulate the handles to perfection and find the desired touch.

Anti-wear bronze caps and technical Teflon finish